Here are few photos from the past week and a bit! 

I’ve fallen in love with our weekend routine. It involves waking up & getting coffee then heading to Fort Greene Park before 9 am (usually around 8-8:30) and letting Zoey run around with the other neighbourhood dogs. She’s actually the fastest dog in the whole park, and I’m not exaggerating. She is freaking speedy. It’s hilarious to watch - no one can keep up with her!  

On Saturdays we also hit up the Farmer’s Market and get a few bits for our weekend meal, plus a bouquet of flowers. Last week we bought a bunch of house plants that we’re already murdering, so we’ll skip flowers until our poor Ficus comes back to life. Today we got some goat cheese that has garlic and chives in it, and it tastes so amazing. 

Zoey’s discovered tennis balls in the past week, so that’s been great. It’s so wonderful to watch her come out of her shell every weekend! It’s also nice for us to meet some of the other dog people in the ‘hood. 

Another new thing - we signed up for Quinciple, which is an awesome grocery delivery service. A bunch of people at work do it, so I decided to join in. So far, so good! We made two meals this week, plus a cocktail. 

The first was zucchini noodles and fresh tomato sauce. Turns out that grating a tomato on the large holes of a cheese grater helps make an awesome fresh sauce! The cocktail was muddled strawberries, homemade lemongrass syrup and gin. Yum. 

We also made a fish dish with this amazing soy sauce & shallot marinade, and some peppers.

Oh! AND! Floris got me a pasta maker for my birthday! We had our very first dinner guests in the new apartment last week, and made these really tasty raviolis from scratch. A really neat new toy. 

The other photo up there is from the Pratt House on Clinton Ave - there’s a pretty cool curly old tree that I thought looked good enough to photograph. 

I made my first Etsy Sale the other day! We’ve got a few copies of The Maple leftover, so decided to put them up in a new shop.  

OK, I guess that’s a good update for now! We’re off to explore for the rest of the day/weekend. 

(PS: Happy Birthday to my awesome Dad!)

A little summary of our weekend in photos. 

We did a nature up in Sullivan County along with our friend Liz and her doge Jules, got caught in the rain on a hike and had a serious porch hang thanks to our gracious hosts. 

We also did an uptown! Floris and I went to the Guggenheim, had a walk through the park, went for a great brunch and did some back to school shopping. Then we ordered cuban food for dinner and had a drink & played Connect Four at the bar around the corner. 

And we signed up for Quinciple! We also booked tickets to Amsterdam for our anniversary/to visit the family there! Not a bad way to close out the summer months. 

…though there are technically still 20 days of summer left, and I intend on enjoying each and every one. 

Kind of working from my bed, post-op selfie.

Guys, I had my first official surgery ever in my life yesterday. I’m fine and whatever, but I’ve got 3 little incisions all stitched up on my tummy. One in my belly button and then two other random ones. You don’t think about how much you use your core until it’s all stitched up and hurts too badly to use, so you have to just roll around in order to get onto and off of things. Fun times! 

I’m currently sitting in my bed drifting in and out of a Tylenol 3 sleep (what up!) and alternating sprints of working and watching bad movies. So far, as a part of Katie’s Post-Op Movie Marathon I’ve watched: 

- Get Over It
- A Few Good Men
- The beginning of High School Musicals 1 & 2
- Half of D2: The Mighty Ducks

What movies do you watch on sick days? I’m thinking of going full rom com, but am open to suggestions. 

8/30 EDIT: A few things. 

1) Katie’s Post-Op Movie Marathon: I watched 13 Going On 30, the rest of D2, Clueless and my new all time fave sick day movie, Julie & Julia. 

2) Yesterday was my 1 year anniversary of moving to NYC! Safe to say that I absolutely love it here and hope to stay for as long as I can.

Yesterday was my birthday, and I celebrated with some drinks after work. It was super fun and low key. 

The weekend prior was very eventful! On Saturday, Floris and I did the dog park/farmer’s market thing, and went to Manhattan for a jolly time. On Sunday, we decided to use our new ZipCar membership and drive up to Bear Mountain for a hike. Super nice - a little loop along the Appalachian Trail. 

I also made croissants from scratch! This took like 2 full days and they ended up doughy and not flaky so I’ll have to try again. But I was able to cross that off my birthday bucket list, so yay!

Speaking of the bucket list, I did an OK job this year. Not enough books, running plans foiled by a messed up knee and not enough music, but otherwise - a pretty solid effort!

And now I am 27. This past year has been a freaking whirlwind - moving to NY, starting my job, getting married, losing Sammy, getting Zoey, family reunions, moving apartments…and I also got really good at push-ups, which is super random but definitely a new thing.

Building on 26, I hope this next year is full of lots of laughter, adventure and growth. And also I really need to drink more water. 

This weekend was casual and relaxing. 

We had lots of doge times. We made blueberry lemonade and drank it on our little patio with our books. We watched X-Men. We listened to records. We went to Manhattan for brunch and table shopping. We cleaned the house. We rearranged the living room. We made dinner and dessert with the things we got at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday. 

I turn 27 in one week tomorrow. I’m rushing to cross off as much as I can from my list, but am also pretty happy with how it’s looking (I’m never going to learn those damn finger picking styles). Here’s hoping I can finish 4 books in a week…or at least Outlander. 

A few photos from our adventure upstate last weekend. We went up with a few couples and it was really fun! We’ve been to so many lakes this summer - one of the top swimming summers on record. 

Zoey learned to swim and LOVED it. She just jumped straight into the water. 

She also made friends with the cutie Leila who we babysat earlier this year. 

We also grilled pizzas. They were A+++++ out of this world.

We also visited the site of the Woodstock festival in Bethel, NY. Haven’t been there since 2009, and I’m so glad I was able to go back! It was only 20 minutes from where we were staying. 

It was such a great weekend! Floris and I have decided we need to get a Zip Car so we can get out of town more often. 

A few new things:

1) We got a pretty new couch!

2) The Maple arrived and it’s beautiful and I’m sending them out next week!

3) We’re heading out of town tonight for a couple days and staying on a lake! Our lake game is strong this summer. 

Things that are not new:

1) My default face

2) Zoey’s default face

That’s all! I’ll be back next week with photos from our weekend adventure!


Harry last night in Toronto *_*

Harry wore a see through shirt. 

Ok, that’s all. 





The boys doing the row - August 1, 2014.

I’m going to reblog some 1D concert things. Stay tuned.