I haven’t posted to this blog in a while selfie.

I am feeling under the weather today. And the weather is pretty shitty and rainy right now, so I’m basically feeling sick. 

We babysat a dog last week and that was so much fun, and also made us remember how much we love being a family of 3. We’ll be getting another pup in the next couple months, for sure. One year ago yesterday was when we brought Sammy home. I am still very sad that he’s gone. 

Floris helped me set up a splash page for this thing I’ve been sloooowly working on. It’s called made & pantry and I think it’ll be lovely. Please sign up so I can tell you all about it when it’s ready! 

Work is good. Not too much to report on that front. Some days are better than other days and I am still figuring out where I fit in and what my “thing” is, but all in all the job is great and my colleagues are all great and yeah.

I am going back home for Easter this weekend and I cannot wait to see my loved ones. 

OK, that is all. 

A few photos from this weekend. 

On Friday we got oysters and went to Citi Field for the Mets Game. It was so cold and rainy, but a lot of fun! 

On Saturday it was spring! So we walked and walked and walked, and then I bought a bike named Linus. We biked to a lovely dinner in Park Slope and then I went to a fun housewarming. 

On Sunday I worked, but it was stunning outside, so I went for a long stroll to get some Sushi and worked on the roof outside. That was lovely. 

Not pictured: we watched Jurassic Park in the theatre, as well as Game of Thrones. Solid Sunday, even if I spent most of it inside. 

This selfie is a selfie of me & my girl scout cookie today. I am a weirdo. 

This is my 600th blog post. MILESTONES, people!

Also, I made some updates on my running & trumpet blogs, as well as my list of 27 things: 

Thanks for reading all of these weird posts I’ve posted since 2010. For giggles, here is my first one

Floris and I roasted our own coffee beans this weekend, and it was a lot of fun! A very light roast, smelled chocolatey. Yum yum. We’ll definitely do this again, and will try letting the beans roast longer. 

EDIT: We used this method to roast our beans. We got the beans from Roasting Plant. They are from Guatemala. 

I wish I had a few more words to share about life lately, but I’m having a hard time finding them. I’m slowly figuring out a routine, and my place in this city and at work. This has its ups and downs. 

I love walking to and from the subway I take to work, because if I look towards the river I can see the top of the Empire State Building. I like that it reminds me where I am and what I am doing. Lately, it’s been a little too easy to get swallowed up in day to day things and forget that I’m on an adventure. I’m working on this. 

Hooray hooray!! The Maple was fully funded!

Yesterday, we matched. Not pictured: beige pants on both of us. 

Links from the Internet aka Katie Needs Links

This week’s post title comes via McG. Brilliant suggestion. 

First, here are three things I cooked recently. 

1) Baked eggs with spinach. Pretty simple. I think I baked the eggs too long, though. But it was still good!

2) Pan fried bay scallops with lemon. Leeks & peas with sheep’s milk yogurt and whole grain mustard. 

3) Hashed brussels sprouts with walnuts. Fettuccine with caramelized onions and greek yogurt. 

And here are some links I’ve collected up until today for you to enjoy: 


PS: The Maple has been fully funded! Yay! Only 10 more days left before the project ends! 

CS team, hard at work. 

via Kickstarter

I love these shots of me and Mum! It was so nice to have her visit last weekend. I really love living so close to home. 

Links from the Internet

Hullo, friends. I hope you all had a fab weekend. My lovely mother came for a quick visit and we walked and walked and walked all over Brooklyn. Here is a photo of Floris and I in Dumbo (there are nicer photos of my Mum coming soon!)


And here are some links I’ve been collecting since last week for you to enjoy. 


Also - The Maple is so close to reaching its goal! Only 17 more copies of the Zine are up for grabs. Whatchu know about Canada?