I am thankful for my family, who all came down from Toronto together so we could hang out for a few days! I am thankful for my wonderful parents for always supporting me, and for my brother for being an awesome dude. 

I am thankful for my amazing, patient, funny, kind, handsome, brilliant husband, who I love so dearly, and for our pup Zoey. 

I’m thankful for my friends who I miss very much and who make me so, so happy. I’m also very thankful for my new friends for making me feel more and more welcome In New York every day.

I’m thankful for my awesome job, my good health and for the awesome city that I am lucky to call home. I am also thankful for the Gilmore Girls on Netflix (I am in the middle of a serious binge-watch. I cannot be stopped. Why does Rory have the worst taste in men???!)

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving, everyone! 

Sittin’ on the Couch & Talkin’ to People

My YouTube chat show (called Sittin’ on the Couch & Talkin’ to People, SCTP for short…I just made that abbreviation up just now…) has had a pretty wild first week, you guys. 15 episodes!

If you want to know how 15 different people answer the same 10 questions, please give it a watch. HERE IS THE LINK (I’ve also embedded the playlist of videos below). 

Ohhh oh also please let me know what you think! 

Lately, via Instagram

I’ve been busy giving hugs to Marina Abramovic, napping with my doge, hanging out with my love, binge watching Gilmore Girls, drinking lots of tea, drawing lots of drawings and DJing my first ever DJ set (my name is DJ DADROCK). 

Also, ”Sittin’ on the Couch & Talkin’ to People" is going strong! So far the people I talk to are my husband and colleagues, but they’re all super cool. I’m just waiting patiently for Harry Styles’ people to call….

Tap Dancing is going SUPER WELL. I’ll make a video or something of my progress. I was born to tap, people. 


It’s a rainy day today so I decided to bug Floris and start a chat show, with him as my first guest. It’s called “Sittin’ on the Couch & Talkin’ to People”.

In the show, I give the Pivot questionnaire that James Lipton gives his guests at the end of Inside the Actor’s Studio. 

Please enjoy this really silly thing. 

Here is a picture of me and my doge, and then just my doge. She’s too cute and I love her. 

Also - I’m currently living in this Everlane sweater. It’s so perfect that I never want to wear any other sweaters. Oops! 

We had a pretty casual weekend. Lots of dog park time, coffee and tea dates, cooking dinners and walking around and around. We also made a budget like a couple of grown ups, and I added 3 new records to my collection. AND a pretty new teapot. Hooray!

My hair is (kinda) pink now!

Two lovely photos by Floris, from yesterday’s Manhattan adventure. Taken with the iPhone 6 (Santa came early in the Needs/Dekker home). 

We did a culture and went to see this play yesterday. I loved it! Floris was less than interested. Then we walked and walked from 48th to the Apple Store in SoHo. 

Today we went to breakfast and then to the art store and Home Depot and then very much regretted not making our way back to the city for the People’s Climate March. Next time. 

In other news, this week I have a work hack day, am going to a Yankees game, am getting my hair did, and am taking my first tap dancing class. It’s going to be a big one. Stay tuned. 

Who’s got a birthday today? Why the four peeps with red arrows pointing to their heads, that’s who!

We’ve got an awesome uncle, two cool cousins and one fab Granny! I just wanted to take this time to shout out to my fam because everyone is awesome and it’s pretty cool that we all love AND like each other. #needskidsforever

Here are few photos from the past week and a bit! 

I’ve fallen in love with our weekend routine. It involves waking up & getting coffee then heading to Fort Greene Park before 9 am (usually around 8-8:30) and letting Zoey run around with the other neighbourhood dogs. She’s actually the fastest dog in the whole park, and I’m not exaggerating. She is freaking speedy. It’s hilarious to watch - no one can keep up with her!  

On Saturdays we also hit up the Farmer’s Market and get a few bits for our weekend meal, plus a bouquet of flowers. Last week we bought a bunch of house plants that we’re already murdering, so we’ll skip flowers until our poor Ficus comes back to life. Today we got some goat cheese that has garlic and chives in it, and it tastes so amazing. 

Zoey’s discovered tennis balls in the past week, so that’s been great. It’s so wonderful to watch her come out of her shell every weekend! It’s also nice for us to meet some of the other dog people in the ‘hood. 

Another new thing - we signed up for Quinciple, which is an awesome grocery delivery service. A bunch of people at work do it, so I decided to join in. So far, so good! We made two meals this week, plus a cocktail. 

The first was zucchini noodles and fresh tomato sauce. Turns out that grating a tomato on the large holes of a cheese grater helps make an awesome fresh sauce! The cocktail was muddled strawberries, homemade lemongrass syrup and gin. Yum. 

We also made a fish dish with this amazing soy sauce & shallot marinade, and some peppers.

Oh! AND! Floris got me a pasta maker for my birthday! We had our very first dinner guests in the new apartment last week, and made these really tasty raviolis from scratch. A really neat new toy. 

The other photo up there is from the Pratt House on Clinton Ave - there’s a pretty cool curly old tree that I thought looked good enough to photograph. 

I made my first Etsy Sale the other day! We’ve got a few copies of The Maple leftover, so decided to put them up in a new shop.  

OK, I guess that’s a good update for now! We’re off to explore for the rest of the day/weekend. 

(PS: Happy Birthday to my awesome Dad!)

A little summary of our weekend in photos. 

We did a nature up in Sullivan County along with our friend Liz and her doge Jules, got caught in the rain on a hike and had a serious porch hang thanks to our gracious hosts. 

We also did an uptown! Floris and I went to the Guggenheim, had a walk through the park, went for a great brunch and did some back to school shopping. Then we ordered cuban food for dinner and had a drink & played Connect Four at the bar around the corner. 

And we signed up for Quinciple! We also booked tickets to Amsterdam for our anniversary/to visit the family there! Not a bad way to close out the summer months. 

…though there are technically still 20 days of summer left, and I intend on enjoying each and every one.