This is the best worst thing. 






So Katie started a grease fire yesterday in her apartment. I documented it. This is after she got a giant fireball in the face (narrowly missed) but before she got a second fireball in the face (was convinced she would have burnt off skin at this point). Luckily she’s okay. But our lungs were not.

I just really needed to bring this back in a bigger way. 3 years ago today. 

A few pics from last weekend. We got haircuts, I wore a hat, Zoey is the cutest and we went to Coney Island & rode rides. 

In life news: We are in the middle of an apartment hunt + many, many guests coming and going + easing back into life after vacation + finishing up The Maple (and I am dealing with a potato salad situation). I’ll be back to more regular blogging when life has settled down just a little bit. 


A few photos from the most beautiful 2 week trip to Canada. 

We had our belated wedding reception/party at an AMAZING cottage just outside of Kingston. Almost every single person I love in the world was there, minus a few notable exceptions (a brother, a father, a cousin, a couple dear friends and a set of grandparents). It was one of the greatest weekends on record. We had a catered dinner on Saturday and the food was also incredible!

[sidebar: At some point I might do a post about wedding things for anyone who may be interested, because I think we did a pretty sweet job]

Before the cottage, Jess, Floris and I went to Niagara Falls and Niagara-On-The-Lake for a day of fun. After the cottage, The Dutch and I went white water rafting. We also swam almost every single day, I read and lazed about, we cooked, we hiked, we ran, we drank too much and we drove all over the freaking place. 

I also finished and mailed the postcards for my Kickstarter project. Phew. Now just have to finish the zine and I’ll be all set! 

Back to NYC tonight! We get to pick up Zoey - she’s been having a blast with her sitter. We have some visitors for the rest of the week, and I’ll be heading off to Camp Kickstarter for a few days. Then a 4th of July celebration and real life starts again. 

Follow up to this post. The most exciting thing happened today!

I hope I get chosen!!!

Meet Zoey, our new pup!

We adopted her yesterday and are so happy to welcome her to our little family. She is a 7 month old terrier mix (Wirehaired Terrier & Scottish Terrier, apparently) and is just the sweetest. A little shy and nervous - she came to NY from a high kill shelter in Georgia, and has had a pretty rough life so far - but she’s making great progress already! This lady is super chill, no barking at all, and so far she is totally cool just napping on her pillow. So far she is a little weary of walking around outside (a lot of stopping and starting again slowly), but we’ll get there one step at a time. 

After our beloved Sammy ran away in November, Floris and I have been waiting for the right time to add another friend to the mix. We still miss him every day. We recently heard about Zoey and her sister (who was adopted yesterday, too) through some of Floris’ colleagues at Etsy, and were luckily able to go say hello last night. Needless to say we fell in love, and brought her straight home!

This weekend we are going to Canada (crazy timing…), so we’ll be leaving her to chill out with the awesome dude who was fostering her, and then starting at the end of June we’ll be a full time fam jam! 

We are so thrilled to be a family of 3 again, and are looking forward to getting to know Zoey, introducing her to life in NYC, and giving her the love that she deserves. 


That day LeVar Burton visited Kickstarter.

Yancey and I are making the same face lol

So, this happened today.

Hello it is June! I turned the page of my calendar, and just like that it felt like summer. Hooray! We made it!

Today I am working from home, and enjoying this beautiful weather. I read in the park for a couple of hours this morning, bought some new books, and made this delicious late lunch/early dinner situation. 

It’s savoury french toast (!!) with asparagus, ramp pesto and a poached egg. It’s so good. 

Mix 2 eggs, a few shakes of sea salt and pepper, the green herb of your choosing (I used krautersalz, so maybe it has things that are not basil and oregano), 1 minced garlic clove, a little paprika, a splash of milk and a generous grating of fresh parmesan cheese. Scramble that up. 

Get yourself two good sized slices of your fave bread - I used a sourdough. Set aside. 

Meanwhile boil a small pot of water with a tsp of vinegar for your poached egg. 

Meanwhile, your asparagus should be washed and trimmed. Grab a decent handful of them, and fry them in a pan with a bunch of butter and a little lemon juice until they are soft and bright green. Set aside. 

Meanwhile drench the bread in the egg mixture. In the same pan, with the lemon/butter drippings from the asparagus, fry over medium-high heat. For extra crispiness, grate a bunch of parmesan onto each piece of toast. When it’s ready to flip (browned on the other side), do that, then grate more cheese on the other side of bread.

As soon as you flip the bread, crack your egg into the pot to poach. 

After a minute or so, flip the bread again so you cook the other cheesy side. 

When the bread is done (browned & crispy) on both sides, put onto a plate. Stack the bread, and spread the pesto (you can use whatever kind of pesto you want, I used homemade ramp pesto) onto the top piece of bread. Put asparagus over top of that. 

Get your egg out of that water! Put it on top of the asparagus. Put some salt and pepper on top of the egg. Eat it all! 

Yum yum. 

Who Wants To Audition for Millionaire

A few weeks ago, I saw a tweet come across my feed that announced an open call for Millionaire contestants in NYC. This sounded like a hilarious opportunity (and also one that matches my interest in both trivia and being on television), so I signed up for an audition. My dates were confirmed a couple days later: May 30th, 5 pm at the ABC building on the Upper West Side. It was all happening

The email I got told me the audition would consist of a written quiz, then if you pass, you get an interview. So over the next 10 days, I made sure play the shitty Millionaire app on my phone as much as I could in preparation for the big day. I won the million on the day before my audition. I am thrilled, I am confident. 

I also played the Facebook game for a few rounds and lose miserably. The rules have changed since the Regis days, I learn. There is no more phone a friend. You get a random list of topics, and each answer is worth a mystery amount of money. It’s all so new and I feel like an idiot for feeling so confident. Do I know anything? Will they ask me math questions? What if I fail the test? 

So it’s the day of the audition. I don’t work on Fridays, which is great. I have a leisurely morning, play a few rounds of the Facebook game (I lose so badly), get beautiful (nbd), head down there around 3 and plan to charm the pants off whoever chooses contestants for Millionaire.

I also complete this application form. It asks normal things like, “have you ever competed before”? But also more personal questions like, “what do you do that makes people laugh?”. I don’t know the answer to this so I make something up. 

I wear my new gray dress, and see a lady on the subway wearing the same dress. Twinning! 

I get out of the subway at 72nd st, and take a leisurely stroll along Central Park West, feeling fancy. I find the building and notice a lineup along the wall for Millionaire auditions. I am the youngest person there, by far. I play it cool, waiting behind a couple from Allentown, PA, and start live tweeting like a true millennial. 

Everyone in line are legit fans. They know it all. They talk about the past hosts, and how Cedric the Entertainer took some getting used to. One guy clearly knows the ropes - he’s auditioned 5 times. He made it into the audience once, and got a glimpse of fame. He wants this. He’s studying. He explains, it’s a 10 minute test and you have to answer 30 questions (EASY, I think). He says there will definitely be math questions. I start dying inside. 

The folks in front of me talk about past episodes - ones where people got questions wrong about how many supreme court justices there are or something and how STUPID of them. I panic. I don’t know ANY of this. I google how many supreme court justices, how many senators and congressmen. KPan asks me on Twitter how much American trivia I know. I answer confidently (I took one class on US history in University, so I am basically an encyclopedia), but now realize I know nothing (we’ll get back to this). 

The wrangler comes outside to check us in. She is very loud and extremely friendly and enthusiastic. She is trying to pump up the crowd. She is screaming in my face “WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH A MILLION DOLLARS”. I think to myself - nothing exciting. The people around me want to buy cars and go on vacations and gamble and all I want to do is pay off my student loans. I think this might be a “cute” answer because of how old I am compared to the rest of the lineup, so I go for that. No one cares about my student loans. 

The line starts moving. We are led into a room that looks like it is a lunch room. There is a solid Top 40 playlist blasting, and the staff are dancing. We go through a metal detector. There is a cardboard cutout of Terry Crews, the new host. I am nervous we are supposed to take pictures with him, but luckily that never happens. There are a few staff leading us to tables, which have envelopes, pencils and scantron cards on them. I sit with the couple from Allentown, and a lady from Connecticut. They are all nice. The lady from CT is so nervous. She is staying in an expensive hotel this weekend with her husband, so I hope that she passes the test!  

The guy who auditioned 5 times tells everyone about what to expect. He tells them you HAVE to answer all of the questions FAST because its only 10 minutes. He talks to one of the staff, and tells them about how exciting it felt to just be a member of the audience. He really wants this. 

I play it cool. I am good at taking tests, especially multiple choice ones. “When in doubt, pick C” is my mantra. I share it with the table. No one cares.

It’s time to take the test. We memorize the number on our envelopes - this is what will be called out if you make it through to the interviews. The timer starts. I fly through the test, feeling very confident in my answers. I finish right on time, and then chat about answers with the rest of my table. We are all confused because who knew how much a “hand” is in reference to measuring horses? I’ve never heard this term in my life. I make a joke about it and no one laughs. 

Only about 20 people passed the test. They call out all the numbers that passed - I am called 2nd to last and am thrilled. The couple from Allentown does not make it, sadly, but the lady from CT does. So does the guy who auditioned 5 times. Good for him. 

I head to another table where I write my name on the back of my application form. I meet with a very nice man who loves my arm tattoo and I tell him the weird story about it which he also loves. He asks what I would do with a million dollars and I tell him about my student loans. He also loves this answer. He thinks I am funny and charismatic, and tells me I am mature for my age (????) and puts me through to an on camera interview. I die a little inside, but play it cool.

I sign the release, and am called to a back corner of the lunch room where the casting director has me pretend I am on the show. She says not to look at the camera but I totally do because it’s awkward, and I realize then and there that I can never be an actress because I can’t stop staring at the camera? 

She asks me a few questions about myself, and then some Millionaire questions. I am nervous. I don’t let her even give me the multiple choice answers for the first question because DUH the answer is Harper Lee. Correct! The 2nd question is about Theodore Roosevelt. I also just start talking before I get the 4 choices, and try to make a joke about being Canadian. This falls flat, and I also get the answer wrong because I KNOW NOTHING, and also what the eff is a Bull Moose? I remember later that I actually do know, and am an idiot. I play it cool though, because if you get an answer wrong after getting at least 1 answer correct in the first round, I’m pretty sure you still get $1000, so it’s kosher. New rules. 

I get 2 more questions, and get both answers correctly. I am very excited. She tells me I can leave, and that they’ll get back to me about being entered into the contestant pool in 2 weeks. 

I feel fabulous walking out those doors, and then I start to think about all the things I maybe did wrong and I panic. Why didn’t I let her tell me the answers to the first two questions before I spoke?!? Why didn’t I try and use a lifeline (it wasn’t offered as an option, but I could have tried)?? Why am I THE WORST AND MOST EMBARRASSING PERSON EVER?!?!?!?!? I descend into madness. I decide to walk through the Park to calm down and run into the only other young person who auditioned. He high fives me, tells me he got on camera too and answered everything right. He says “maybe we’ll be on TV together”, and we part ways. 

I sit and watch a softball game and then decide to walk to 29th & Broadway to see Laura and Ed. I get stuck in Times Square for what feels like a century, but finally make it to their hotel. We each drink a beer and go to Greenpoint for dinner and meet up with John. We get pizzas and picklebacks at Lulus. We go to Torst and get ciders and beers. We go to The Woods and drink the shot/beer combo 2 times and dance for hours to a GREAT mix of tunes. 

Yesterday was a highlight. I kind of love New York. 

Hi hello working from home on Sunday selfie. 

It’s freaking beautiful outside today - I wish I had a balcony! Mum and Gran are in town and we’ve been eating very well. I’m meeting them after work today for dinner, etc. 

Floris is going home to Amsterdam for 2 weeks, and so I’ll be all by my lonesome in BK. I plan on reading a LOT, taking myself on self-dates to every rom com, hanging out with my buds Ed & Laura who will be in town (baseball!) and also working on The Maple. I also hope to cross a thing or two off my Birthday Bucket List. 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.